Licence to Operate Boom Type Elevating Work Platform over 11 metres

TLILIC2005 - Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more)
Duration: 3 days
8 - 4pm
Maximum Students:

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cs-content-location Construction Training Centre Address: Gate 2. Suite 1.4 Ian Barclay Building, 492 Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury QLD 4107
Parking: On site. Ian Barclay Building - located through Gate 2 at 492 Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury
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Course Description

This unit of competency covers the skills required to competently operate an EWP to meet WHSQ and industry standards for certification.

The scope of training is to demonstrate competence in operating principles and methods, EWP processes & procedures, workplace communications, safe & responsible environmental practices, the scope and limitations of equipment, load specifications, designs and functions of various EWP’s, pre & post safety checks and maintenance, obtaining work permits and licenses, etc.

Target Audience

Workers entering or in industry who are required to work at heights in excess 11m.

Course Outcomes

Candidates will be trained in the following:

  • Hazard Identification and response methods
  • Methods of nonverbal communication
  • Understanding and following instructions
  • Appropriate selection and use of;
  • Controls & feature,

Settings and operational techniques for the specific settings, specific terrain and weather conditions in day or night without causing damage to machinery, equipment, load, person, property or environment (including soils and property structures).

Course Requirements

Adequate numeracy, literacy and English communication skills to do simple calculations, write legibly and be understood. Have sufficient physical strength and dexterity to do safety checks and basic maintenance, set up and dismantle the EWP and operate the EWP as required.

Trainees will provide their own safety boots and work clothes. OHSA will provide the training site and equipment as required.

Assessments and Awards

After training and a successful assessment trainees will be given a Statement of Attainment by OHSA and will receive a National operators Licence from WHSQ.


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