Nationally Accredited
Chief Fire Warden Course
3 HOURS - $200


PUAWER006B Lead an emergency control organisation
PUAWER007B Manage an emergency control organisation

Pre-requisite (for combined Fire Warden / Chief Fire Warden this unit is delivered in the Fire Warden Section)
PUAWER005B Operate as part of an emergency control organisation
Duration: 0.3 day
Maximum Students:

Course Dates and Locations


cs-content-time 12:30-3:30pm

We can conduct Chief Fire & Building Warden Training on-site at your location anywhere in Australia or at our Training Facilities. Please contact our office on 1300 647 200 for quote.


cs-content-location Construction Training Centre Address: Gate 2. Suite 1.4, 492 Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury QLD 4107
Parking: On site. Ian Barclay Building - located through Gate 2 at 492 Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury. Access to Gate 2 is via the slip road under the Beaudesert Rd overpass.
Map: Click here for directions
To locate our facility in the Ian Barclay Building download the map here

Course Description

PLEASE NOTE: This is a NATIONALLY ACCREDITED COURSE and covers the training requirements as listed in Australian Standard 3745 Emergency Control Organisations. Many providers are NOT Registered Training Organisations and their training is NOT Nationally Accredited.

This course covers the competency required to make decisions about people’s safety during a workplace emergency and to give instructions on the priority order for responding to the emergency incident area and to manage or to operate as part of the management of an emergency control organisation. Emergencies covered include fires, bomb threats, chemical incidents and terrorism.

If this Chief Fire Warden Course is combined with the Fire Warden Course, the combined course can be delivered in 5-6 hours.


Target Audience

This course is designed for those who have a  role in the emergency control organization and / or are members of your workplace’s Emergency Planning Committee (EPC). Many workplaces also request that all Building and Fire Wardens also attend this course to better understand the role of the Chief Fire Warden and the EPC.

Course Content

  • Chief Fire Warden Legislative and Regulatory requirements
  • Emergency Planning Committee
  • Emergency Control Organisation
  • Australian Standard 3745 -2010
  • Chief Fire Warden Training requirements
  • Fire Warden Identification & Structure
  • Emergencies where evacuation may be required
  • Methods of raising the alarm
  • Safety Procedures at Fires
  • Bomb Threat Procedures
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Duties & Responsibilities of Chief Fire Wardens
  • Command & Control
  • Briefing the Emergency Services
  • Post-Evacuation Management
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Human Behaviours
  • Practical scenario’s will be completed which will utilise your workplace and the emergency evacuation equipment that you have onsite

Course Requirements

Participants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have at least a Year 10 level of numeracy, literacy and communication skills.
  • Have the ability to read and write English.
  • Wear appropriate clothing including long pants and shirts and closed-in shoes for fire fighting exercises – this clothing may get dirty due to the fire fighting exercises.
  • Have sufficient strength to lift, carry and operate approx. 10kg fire extinguisher, fire hose and sufficient mobility to bend and squat to place fire blanket over objects in various locations (if the Fire Warden / Chief Fire Warden courses are being combined).

Assessments and Awards

  • PUAWER006B Lead an emergency control organization
  • PUAWER007B Manage an emergency control organisation

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