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National Construction Card

Construction induction whitecard

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Online Whitecard Course now $70

Students with current Student ID $45


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Important Information

Online Course – Participants must provide a Queensland residential address or their employer must have proven work in Queensland. In addition participants must provide certified photographic identification, signed Summary of Results and Statutory Declaration. Assessments must be completed in Queensland.

TIP #1– If you are unable to see the modules or anything animated, and all you see is a box with a Red X.Then you more than likely do not have Adobe Shockwave/Flash players installed. These players are Free and easy to install onto your computer. Adobe link .while you are there you may as well download the adobe Reader version 9 or later to view our PDF’s.

TIP #2– If you are having problems with navigation; ie- You are being sent back to the same page. Try and delete your cookies, history and Temp Internet files and then turn your security settings down to medium. This should fix the problem. If not, then the problem lies with your Firewall and other security devices.

TIP #3– The course has a few pop-ups, (modules 2 & 3). The pop-up windows either contain PDF’s or Flash animated exercises.You must return to the main window to continue the course.If you are experiencing problems ensure that you close down the pop-up window only. You should then be able to continue with the module. Windows Explore 8 has also been causing some concerns lately. Should you still have problems. call OHSA, we will clear your results.

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FREE Training Courses

A great opportunity is now available for people to take advantage of the funding provided by Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) to help you develop skills for the construction industry. Up to $1000.00 is available for eligible persons on a range of qualifications and training but there is a limited time, so secure your training now!!!

The Queensland Government has released $10 million to be spent on skilling up workers for the construction industry due to the anticipated skill shortage due to the mining and resources boom and flood recovery.

You can claim right now up to $1,000 cash back on many construction related licences / tickets / competencies such as Fork Truck, EWP, Scaffolding, Dogging, Rigging, Cranes, Earthmoving Licences and many many more!

What you need to do

1.* Meet the eligibility criteria (please see below);

2. Book and pay for the course, complete the training, receive the qualification from us, complete the funding application and submit it along with your receipt and qualification to Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ);

3. Receive the payment deposited directly into your bank account!

What can I get the money for?

Here are some of the licences / tickets /competencies you can get through us with our current prices and the remaining cost to you after you claim the cash back.

Download the complete CSQ Construction Funding guide here

Get your free e-book for our free training
Download the book from our website
Get your free CSQ Funding e-book Click here

Resources RTO Standard 11 Mining Inductions – Surface


standard 11 mining inductions




Resources RTO Resources RTO Association Inc is an industry association that aims to set a new quality benchmark in safety and training for the mining industry.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to partner with industry to promote best practices in training. The Resources RTO will be at the forefront of education, training and safety in the resources sector.

Mission Statement
We will achieve our Vision by engaging industry stakeholders on current and emerging safety and training needs.

Resources RTO members will collaborate to uphold this Vision with vigour, integrity and innovation. Quality will be achieved through continuous improvement, peer review and independent auditing.

learn more about this course click here

mining training courses

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Ohsa now transferring Defence Forces Licence’s & Coal Competencies to WH&S Tickets

For 2010 Training courses check our interactive calendar for courses and dates. PLEASE DIRECT all inquiries for Central Queensland to Graeme whelan at OHSA NOW TRANSFERING DEFENCE FORCE & COAL COMPETENCIES TO WH&S TICKETS

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Approval in just 24 hours


licence transfers

OHSA are now able to TRANSFER all your COAL COMPETENCIES & DEFENCE FORCES LICENCES over to NATIONAL CIVIL WH&S LICENCES AND WE CAN TRANSFER YOUR WH&S TICKETS TO COAL COMPETENCIES. You can take advantage of these fantastic opportunities. For more information on these offers and other services provided by OHSA, call us toll free anywhere in Australia on 1300 6472 00. or simply click HERE for Coal OR click HERE for Defence Forces OR HERE for WH&S Transfers. OHSA can also process your application within 24HRS once we have received all of the necessary documentation available for download now. Just follow the following link to find the transfer to best suit you. Learn More »

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Ohsa Training

Confined space refresher courses can now be completed and signed off at the OHSA office, provided a qualified trainer is available you could be on your way in no time at all.

Phone Ohsa on : 1300 OHSA 00 or

Online courses available now!

The following courses are available both online, face to face, Public and in-house. Training is available throughout Queensland Read More »

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Mining Licence’s

Now! on the Gold Coast

· Civil Licenses to Coal Licenses

Contact OHSA toll free on 1300 647 200

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September, 2011


In keeping with the spirit of innovation that infuses all of OHSA’s programs, a ‘Mine Awareness Program’ has been developed to inform potential mine workers of the practical consideration of working in the mining industry. This program touches on personal and practical issues which anyone thinking of working in the mining industry should know. Topics covered include the following;

Mining Career Information – Available free to all students who enrol in OHSA Resources RTO Mining Inductions

(over 100 pages and links of mining projects, employers, labour hire companies etc)

Upcoming Events

Mining Awareness Program – Toowoomba

Thursday September 29, 2011 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EST
Toowoomba RSL

Mining Awareness Program – Gold Coast

Thursday October 6, 2011 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EST
Red Cross Hall

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Training For The Mining Sector


The enormous growth in the mining industry in Australia accompanied by the large salaries that mine workers receive has attracted people from all walks of life to work in this industry. Previously this was an industry reserved mostly for men but the frontiers have now been broadened at all levels to embrace jobs for women.

Mining activity in Australia has expanded rapidly over the past 20 years and this growth is set to continue for another 20 years or more. Coal mining in Queensland and iron ore mining in Western Australia make up the bulk of the mining activities. These mines have drawn a large selection of the workers from industry in city and rural areas and this exodus to the mines will continue to increase as more mines are established. The growth in mining has been fueled by the demand for raw materials from the growth powerhouses in Asia, i.e. China, India, Korea and Japan and the ability of the Australian mining industry to produce a quality product at a reasonable price delivered to their ports.

Unfortunately many workers accept employment in the mines without being sufficiently educated in the conditions and demands of the industry they are entering. They may be unprepared for the extremes of working in remote areas without the services and family support that they are accustomed to and consequently do not remain in the industry. Personal, family and financial preparation for this experience is essential to gain the most from working in the mines. Receiving training, medical clearances and the necessary inductions before applying for positions at the mines must also be done. All of the information needed to be prepared for this type of employment is available in ‘Mine Awareness Programs’ which should be undertaken before deciding on a change of employment.


First, find and enrol in a ‘Mine Awareness Program’ presented by knowledgeable presenters with sound industry experience. These programs will cover a range of topics such as gaining and maintaining your employment, building a sustainable future through wise financial management, maintaining your family, living in a remote location and much more.

From these programs you will also find how to receive the training to adequately prepare for your move into this industry, i.e.
· Look at the essential requirements to apply for employment, i.e. Inductions, medicals & training, etc,

· Determine what skills that you already have and if these can be transferred to mine specific skills,

· Consider the training that you can received that will enhance to your long term employability. This will help you to gain credibility and higher paid positions in the industry,

· Decide with your family how to maintain your present lifestyle / relationships while working. Do you relocate and rent or buy, fly in and out, etc,

· Engage the services of a financial planner to ensure that your finances are managed properly so the your financial future is secure and you gain maximum benefit from working in this industry,

· Investigate the best pathways to access the industry, i.e. through labour hire firms, employment services, service industries, training, etc, and use quality resume writers to improve your presentation,

· Contact companies where you may gain employment and make an appointment to see them. TAKE, not send your resume to these companies or it may end up in the bin. If you are serious about gaining employment go to where people are being employed and be prepared for an immediate start.

· Be flexible and be willing to respond to presented opportunities. Your future is in your hands and your decisions will mould that future so choose wisely and seek out the best advice for your situation.


Working in the mining industry can be as demanding as it is rewarding. It is extremely important that you not only have an entry and growth strategy for your time in the industry but also an exit strategy. Know how many years that you would like to work in mining, what you would like to achieve, including maintaining your safety and health, and what you would like to take from the industry when you leave. Try to calculate how much you that you would like to accumulate and what you would like to do on leaving the mines, i.e. retirement, less physically demanding profession e.g. training where you can pass on the knowledge and skills gained from previous experience, etc. Research what you would like to achieve in your life, remembering that you will only have one chance at life and you need to make every stage a winning experience.

Allan Tierney
Business Manager
OHSA Occupational Health Services Australia

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2011 training calendar

The 2011 OHSA Training calendar is now online. We are adding courses as per client feedback. Mining GI courses have become more frequent. Find out more about OHSA training in your area.

Click here for Training calendar

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Become a qualified trainer and assessor TODAY!

Course Content

This course consists of 10 Units of Competency, 7 core units and 3 elective units. For new trainees there is presently a selection from 6 elective units to choose from. This selection will soon be increased to 9 and eventually the whole 13 will be available.

To assist qualified trainers modify training presentation for their clients with specific industry needs, AMLA has developed the complete range of elective units that will support the development of this training. Trainers wanting to study extra units from the TAE40110 Cert. IV program can do so through our e-learning or distance learning programs.

The course teachers a range of training and assessment activities, including how to design and develop learning programs, use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs, how to plan, organise and deliver group-based learning, how to facilitate learning in the workplace, how to develop a presentation, etc. You will learn about the many facets of training and assessment activities and processes.

Training Schedule

The TAE40110 Certificate IV in training and Assessment will be offered in three modes, combined face to face and distance-learning, e-learning from our e-learning platform and through our distance learning program. The combined program offers a 6 day, Monday to Saturday, face-to-face program with self-paced distance learning, run on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts throughout the year. Course dates are listed on our events calendar in our student management system which can be accessed via our website. Please enquire on our contact number listed on this page for further information about these courses. If you prefer to study at your own pace from home you may be better serviced by AMLA’s e-learning or distance learning options. These options will allow you to start your course straight away with AMLA continual student intake program. This way you are able to utilising online course learning resources and electronic course materials through these programs.

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For enrolment enquiries contact Allan May at:

Australian Mastery Learning Academy
Ph: 0439 852 212

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