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If you’re not a fan of Twitter, we understand (and even respect) your decision to avoid jumping into the fray. It’s not for everyone and frankly that’s okay. Twitter serves as a an incredibly powerful tool in four specific areas.

  • Networking: This is the most obvious. Through Twitter we had the pleasure of building trusted and meaningful relationships with a wide variety of individuals, most of whom we never would have been privy to otherwise. This has allowed OHSA to grow both personally and professionally.
  • Business: Our firm has secured multiple opportunities as a direct result of our Twitter presence.
  • Exposure: Twitter has allowed OHSA to raise our profile in a significant way. Our ideas and observations are distributed to a much broader audience than traditional marketing and the only cost is time.
  • Philanthropy: As most of you know, Job Angels began with a single message on Twitter. To this day Twitter continues to serve as an emerging platform for helping those in need. This shows the power of the platform for social responsibility, ideation and impact.

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Blogging combines aspects of thinking-writing with aspects of presentation writing – and it adds in the conversation as well. Students can link to each other’s how-to posts, and leave comments asking for more assistance, or suggesting alternative ways of doing things Join here


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Facebook was originally conceived as a place to stay in touch with lost college mates. Time has passed since then, and now Facebook has become the largest social media in the world by far, with more than 300 million active users and a reported growth of 513.7% in the first six months of 2009 alone. Our Facebook page is littered with up to date information, advise and OHSA events.

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