Workplace Health Promotion

workplace health promotionsImproving Health at Work


OHSA provides a range of comprehensive corporate programs to promote good health practices within your workplace. Programs contribute to improved health and injury risk as well as improved workplace performance and job satisfaction. Our goal is to provide relevant and motivating health programs through engaging well respected practitioners with real world experience that are able to convey the healthy lifestyle message the most effective way for your workforce.

What can Corporate Health Programs include?


OHSA has a team of dedicated Ergonomist, Physiologist, Occupational Therapist and allied health practitioners that have extensive experience in understanding the human body and the workplace. We advise on appropriate workplace design and work process issues, as well as provide comprehensive health promotion initiatives. We are recognised as providers of novel and individual programs in a wide range of industries.

• Blood Pressure
• Cardiovascular Fitness and Lung Function
• Body Composition
• Diabetes Risk
• Cancer Awareness
• Stress Management
• Blood Cholesterol
• Physical Strength and Endurance
• Nutrition
• Exercise and Activity
• Natural Health
• Work / Life Balance

Presentations and Seminars


Workplace health seminars on topics relevant to your wokforce can be a good way of promoting and maintaining healthy life habits. They can be used as a stand alone intervention or as a follow-up from initial corporate health assessments. Presenters are experienced, entertaining, motivating and are able to present to any audience. Popular seminar topics include:

• Men’s Health
• Work / Life Balance
• Diet and Nutrition
• Alcohol & Other Drugs
• Women’s Health
• Stress Management
• Health and Fitness Topics
• Natural Health Topics

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Men’s Health

OHSA’s Health programs increase knowledge and management skills on a range of topics affecting mens’ health and wellbeing. Professional and experienced presenters can tailor the program and deliver it in a way to suit your audience. Whether in a corporate environment or in trade and industry settings, OHSA’s mens’ health programs provide easy access to current health information for your staff.

What can programs include?


The program content is flexible allowing you to include topics of concern in your workplace, your community or that are requested by your workforce. Programs typically include some or all of the following topics;

• Awareness of Alcohol and Prescription Medication
• Mens’ Cancers
• Conflict Resolution and Anger Management
• Sexuality
• Nutrition and Healthy Eating
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Stress Management
• The Benefits of Exercise-What does being ‘Fit’ really mean?
• Self Esteem / Communication and Relationships

How are they delivered?


Education sessions can be delivered either as seminars or in shorter periods depending on your needs. Seminars up to two hours in length cover a range of the above topics and provide a thorough overview of the chosen areas. Smaller sessions up to 30 minutes address only one topic and are used very effectively as an on-going series – great for breakfast meetings and tool box talks



Printed information is available to reinforce the message as well as provide contacts for further follow-up. Contact information of relevant local health practitioners will be provided where possible .

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