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Our people hold Bachelor, Post Graduate and Masters Degrees in relevant allied health disciplines. We are engaged to develop injury prevention programs for 100’s of companies and government departments. We are regularly sought to provide expert witness advice in common-law matters and are called to provide advice in the industrial relations commission. We have developed University Curriculum for numerous universities and often lecture at those universities. Our ergonomist is a Certified Professional Ergonomist. Some project examples of our consultant’s projects have included:

  • Developed the award winning manual handling program for Qld Ambulance – recipient of Minister’s Award of Excellence.
  • Development of Corporate Health Program -Global Award for Volvo Mack in Sweden. 
  • Introduced No-Lift Manual Handling System into 100’s of hospitals, nursing homes, community groups, health departments and domiciliary care organistions around Australia.
  • Project Manager for the development of Qld Rail Medical Fitness Standards.
  • Advisor to the Nominated Medical Advisors for the development of the musculo-skeletal medical fitness standards.
  • Project expert consultant for the design of the Urban Pumper Medium Fire Trucks for Qld Fire.
  • Selected as expert consultant for the selection of the Automatic External Defibrillators, Power Assisted Stretchers, Life Rescue Equipment, Carry Chairs, Stretchers for both Qld Ambulance and Fire.
  • Expert safety witness for 100’s of common-law matters.
  • Whole body vibration monitoring for the high speed tilt train.
  • Expert consultant selected by Virgin Blue Airlines to assist in selection of Embraer Jets.
  • Expert consultant for entry into F1/11 Fighter Jets for deseal/reseal project.
  • Hundred’s of manual handling and office ergonomic surveys.
  • Advisor to Qld Government Purchasing for ergonomic criteria for office furniture.
  • Expert consultant to review Moura 1994 incident including human factors, control systems, alarms etc.
  • Selected as expert by Emergency Services to review aspects of patient fatalities.
  • Regular invited speaker to conferences.
  • Developed Job Task Analysis for over 100 mining, resources, maintenance and construction industries.
  • Hundreds of whole body vibration, noise, lighting surveys.
  • Heat stress and physical workload monitoring surveys in response to union or regulatory notices / actions.
  • Expert Advisor to numerous mining O.E.M.s for various mining equipment including dozers, graders, shovels, rollers, excavators, drag lines, dump trucks etc re noise, vibration, lighting, access, human factors, alarms and design related issues.
  • ELF EMG Monitoring Surveys

Injury Management Professionals endeavour to accurately assess and identify the rehabilitation needs of the injured worker in order to facilitate a meaningful return to work and/or to maximise the worker’s independent functioning. This is accomplished through the following services:

• Ergonomic Surveys
• Work site Evaluation
• Job Task Analysis
• Functional Capacity Evaluation
• Suitable Duties Programs
• Rehabilitation Needs Assessment
• Home Assessment
• Soft Tissue Injury Prevention and Management
• Case Management • Work Hardening & Functional Conditioning Programs
• Pain Management
• Back & Soft Tissue Education
• Vocational Assessment And Career Counselling
• Dietitian & Nutritional Services
• WorkCover Policy and Procedure Development and Review

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