Standard 11 Surface Mining Induction - 2 Days.
$675. 5 Courses / Week
Weekdays & Weekends!

Standard 11 Surface Mining Induction


RIICOM201D : Communicate in the workplace
RIIGOV201D: Comply with site work processes/procedures
RIIWHS201D: Work safely and follows WHS policies and procedures
RIIRIS201D: Conduct local risk control
RIIERR205D : Apply initial response First Aid
RIIERR302D : Respond to local emergencies and incidents
RIIERR201D: Conduct fire team operations
Duration: 2 days
07.30am - 4.30pm
Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast
Maximum Students:

Course Dates and Locations


cs-content-time 07.30am - 4.30pm
June July August October November December
1-2 June 2017 3-4 July 2017 3-4 Aug 2017 2-3 Oct 2017 2-3 Nov 2017 2-3 Dec 2017
3-4 June 2017 6-7 July 2017 5-6 Aug 2017 5-6 Oct 2017 4-5 Nov 2017 4-5 Dec 2017
5-6 June 2017 8-9 July 2017 7-8 Aug 2017 7-8 Oct 2017 6-7 Nov 2017 7-8 Dec 2017
8-9 June 2017 10-11 July 2017 10-11 Aug 2017 9-10 Oct 2017 9-10 Nov 2017 9-10 Dec 2017
10-11 June 2017 13-14 July 2017 12-13 Aug 2017 12-13 Oct 2017 11-12 Nov 2017 11-12 Dec 2017
12-13 June 2017 15-16 July 2017 14-15 Aug 2017 14-15 Oct 2017 13-14 Nov 2017 14-15 Dec 2017
15-16 June 2017 17-18 July 2017  17-18 Aug 2017 16-17 Oct 2017 16-17 Nov 2017 16-17 Dec 2017
17-18 June 2017 20-21 July 2017  19-20 Aug 2017 19-20 Oct 2017 18-19 Nov 2017 18-19 Dec 2017
19-20 June 2017 22-23 July 2017  21-22 Aug 2017 21-22 Oct 2017 20-21 Nov 2017 21-22 Dec 2017
22-23 June 2017 24-25 July 2017  24-25 Aug 2017 23-24 Oct 2017 23-24 Nov 2017
24-25 June 2017  27-28 July 2017  26-27 Aug 2017 26-27 Oct 2017 25-26 Nov 2017
 26-27 June 2017  29-30 July 2017  28-29 Aug 2017 28-29 Oct 2017 27-28 Nov 2017
 29-30 June 2017  31 July – 01 Aug 2017  31 Aug –  01 Sept 2017 30-31 Oct 2017 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2017
01 -02 July 2017

cs-content-location Construction Training Centre Address: The Construction Training Centre, Suite 1.4 Ian Barclay Building, Gate 2, 460-492 Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury QD 4107
Parking: On site. Located through Gate 2 at the Construction Training Centre, 460-492 Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury Qld 4107. Access to Gate 2 is via the slip road under the Beaudesert Rd overpass.
Map: Click here for directions
To locate our facility in the Ian Barclay Building download the map here

Gold Coast

cs-content-time 07.30am - 4.30pm
June July August October November December
03-04 June 2017  08-09 July 2017 05-06 Aug 2017 28-29 Oct 2017 25-26 Nov 2017 16-17 Dec 2017

cs-content-location OHSA Training Rooms - West Burleigh Address: 5/90 Township Drive, West Burleigh Qld 4219
Parking: All day FREE street parking is available. No parking on premises.
Map: Click here for directions

Sunshine Coast

cs-content-time 07.30am - 4.30pm
March April May June July August
04-05 Mar 2017 01-02 Apr 2017  27-28 May 2017 24 -25 June 2017 22-23 July 2017 19-20 Aug 2017 
18-19 Mar 2017  29-30 Apr 2017    

cs-content-location Caloundra - TBA

Course Description


Queensland has 41 open cut and 13 underground coal mines. Saleable coal mined in 2014-2015 increased  from 243.6MT from 228.9MT in the previous year. According to the Qld Department of Natural Resources there are currently 21 Advanced Export Coal Projects. Click here for the list of the current mines and advanced projects including Name of the Mine / Project, Project Overview, Location, Map and Principal Contact.

There are a further 45 significant mineral mines in Qld and a further 36 Advanced Minerals Projects. Click here for the list of the current mines and advanced projects including Name of the Mine / Project, Project Overview, Location, Map and Principal Contact. The OHSA Standard 11 Mining Induction includes an additional fire unit of competency to assist with entry onto minerals mines as well as coal mines.

OHSA is licensed by the Resources Industry Skills Association to deliver the INDUSTRY RECOGNISED ‘Standard 11 Generic OH&S Induction’ which is the training identified by the Queensland Mining Inspectorate for new starters to work on a mine in Qld. This course exceeds most other State mining general safety induction requirements. This course covers both coal and metalliferous mines.

We deliver this recognised 2 day mining induction course regularly in-house and public courses in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast weekdays and weekends and regional and interstate locations. See our training calender to find the next course in your location. We also offer a 5 day workers package which includes Standard 11, Work at Heights, Confined Spaces and Senior First Aid over 5 consecutive days from Monday to Friday or Wednesday to Sunday weekly. Supervisors can choose to do the 5 day supervisors package which includes the Standard 11, Mining Supervisor S123 and G2 over 5 consecutive days Monday to Friday or Wednesday to Sunday.

Those wishing to work underground will need to do the elective 1 Day Standard 11 Underground course which OHSA usually offers every fortnight after the Standard 11 Surface Induction.

ATTENTION: Do your Standard 11 Mining Induction, Mining Supervisor S123 and the G2 courses in a 5 day program with OHSA. Contact our office on 1300 647 200 and save! 

Target Audience

This course is aimed for new-starters. If you already have recent resource mining experience you should consider the RPL Standard 11 Course option. See our website for this.

You should always check first with the specific site you intend to work for, industry or State you wish to work in, to determine their specific site or industry requirements.

Like construction sites, mine site also have their own site specific induction requirements over and above the mining induction courses which must also be completed to enter onto their site. Some States do not have any specific generic safety induction requirements and are thereby determined on a mine by mine basis, however this induction usually covers many of the subjects/topics required by many of those sites. BMA’s Queensland 8 coal mines (there are over 50 coal mines in Queensland with many new ones being developed) have site specific requirements with respect to inductions. We recommend you contact them if you intend to go straight to one of BMA’s Queensland Coal Mines. The RISA Resources Induction has been developed to meet the Queensland Government’s Recognised Standard 11 ‘Training in Coal Mines: Appendix 3 Generic OH&S Induction’ requirements for induction training for new workers. This induction also covers metalliferous mine site induction requirements.

Course Requirements

Participants must provide photographic identification (i.e. driver’s licence, passport). Closed shoes must also be worn and you should bring long sleeved clothing for the fire fighting. Participants should have sufficient literacy and numeracy to read and comprehend instructions for safety at the workplace. Participants will need sufficient physical ability to attend a classroom based course, perform CPR floor demonstration exercises and lift and carry approximately 10kg fire extinguisher to extinguish a fire.

Assessments and Awards

Participants who demonstrate competency by passing both the theory and practical assessments will receive a Statement of Attainment in completion of the RISA Standard 11 Generic Induction – Surface Mining.

Students will receive a Statement of Completion Certificate for the theory components of the six (6) units either at the course or usually within 1-2 business days of the course completion and a colour plastic RISA Mining Induction Partial Completion card with the student’s photo identification. Where possible, this card will be provided at the end of the 2 day course. The student will also receive a Site Verification Log Book to have completed on site. Upon the return of your completed log book (within 6 months of this Standard 11 training course), a Statement of Attainment will be produced and another RISA Mining Induction Full Completion card will be produced with both theory and practical components ticked. Students will need to attend a one day refresher course every 5 years. Students who fail to complete the Site Verification Booklet within the 6 months will be required to complete a further challenge test for an additional fee.


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